Wolverine: Blood Debt

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The man called Logan has been many things... Warrior. Assassin. Experiment. X-Man. But now, he must add "Pawn" to the list.

In the dark shadows of the Japanese underworld, a deadly game of chess is being played out between two warring factions of the Japanese Yakuza. Wolverine faces a legacy of evil that dates back to that nation's own dark Feudal times with the lives of his friends on the line. Allying himself with past enemies, he fights to avenge and honor the death of the clan lord Mariko Yashida, the only woman Logan has ever loved.

What begins with Wolverine being shot in the head, ends in an unforgettable battle of fire and blood.

Blood Debt was written and penciled by Steve Skroce, a featured storyboard artist for the hit Warner Brothers movie The Matrix.

Collecting the epic of trust and dishonor from Wolverine #150-153.