Uncanny X-Men #121 (F/VF)

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The Uncanny X-Men #121 (Fine/Very Fine)

With Wolverine and Nightcrawler captives of Alpha Flight, Cyclops leads Colossus and Storm to the exhibition grounds for the Calgary Stampede. There they find their two friends bound up, as they approach the members of Alpha Flight make their presence known and tell the X-Men that they can take Nightcrawler and go, but Wolverine stays with them. Outside, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing and Banshee arrive and Banshee tries to enter the fare grounds but finds that some sort of barrier prevents him from entering.

Inside, the X-Men refuse to turn over their comrade and a fight breaks out. As Wolverine and Nightcrawler were only playing possum they break free of their bonds and join the fight as well. As the battle rages, Shaman uses his magics to create a miniature snowstorm to keep Wolverine at bay, however this combined with the magics he used to create the massive snowstorm to divert the X-Men into Canada combine causing an even greater storm. The battle eventually comes to a halt when both teams realize that the storm could cause untold damage if not put back in check. Storm would then fly into the sky and tax her abilities to the limits to stop the snowstorm. When she lands on the ground she is attacked by Northstar, and he in turn is blasted by Cyclops.

Before another fight can break out, Wolverine calls everyone to stop and decides to surrender over to the Canadian authorities, deciding that he doesn't want his friends to get hurt because of him. With Wolverines' decision made, he willingly turns himself over and Alpha Flight allow the X-Men to leave, however when they fly out of Calgary they are escorted out of the country by the Canadian air force. When back in American airspace, Cyclops and the others decide that it's not right to just leave Wolverine with the Canadian government and they all agree to turn around and rescue him, however when Cyclops enters the cockpit and tells the pilot to turn around he is shocked to see that Wolverine is in there, having broken himself out and climbed aboard the plane. When Cyclops asks him what he will do next time the government tries to collect him, he tells his leader that he'll worry about it when the time comes.