Star Wars: Legacy, Volume 5: The Hidden Temple

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After a desperate escape from the clutches of Emperor Darth Krayt and his Sith minions, Cade Skywalker learns that he owes his freedom to the help of two of bounty-hunter rivals, Chak and Kee, who had threatened his life just weeks before - and to his mother, Imperial spy Morrigan Corde, whom Cade has never met and has long thought dead.

But no mother-and-son reunion is in the offing - Corde has her own agenda, as well as a double life to lead. And so, with a Sith bounty on their heads, Cade, Jariah Syn, and Deliah Blue must put distance between themselves and Coruscant.

First, there are some scores to be settled before Cade returns to his much-loved obscurity as a member of the underworld. That is, if after breaking out of the Sith Temple and incurring the wrath of Darth Krayt, one can ever go home again or find any place to hide...

Collects issues Star Wars: Legacy #23-26.