Shidima Collected, Volume 1

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Situated far to the East beyond the waters of the God’s Maw, an empire thrived, the empire of Shidima... It was rumored that there, magik and swordsmanship were practiced as one, creating creating the most fearsome warriors to ever walk the face of Warlands. These swordsmen, Zirushi as they were called, fought ceaselessly among one another for honor, glory, and power — Swordsmanship became the all powerful equalizer In Shidima as had nowhere else, with power and title going to those most skilled with the blade. Only one man not of Shidiman-blood was ever to master these deadly fighting arts, fighting both with and against Shidima’s deadly warrior castle. This is the story of that man, and of the empire that would rise and crumble around him...

A collection of issues #1-4 and prequel.