Shadow, Volume 2: Revolution

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The Shadow has always known what evil lurks in the hearts of men... until now! When his mystic powers fail, the original masked crime-fighter travels the globe alongside his sidekick, WWI ace pilot Miles Crofton, on a bloody search for answers.

From Nepal, where the Shadow's efforts to reconnect with his spiritual masters leads to a confrontation with opium smugglers, they travel to the frontlines of the Spanish Civil War in pursuit of arms dealers and a would-be dictator. Who is the maniacal El Rey, who plots to rise from the debris of war as his battle-ravaged nation's supreme ruler? And how will the Shadow dispense justice when he discovers that a former flame is El Rey's brutal enforcer, the Black Sparrow? Hard-boiled crime novelist Victor Gischler raises the definitive pulp hero to new heights of crime noir glory!

Collects the complete six-issue comic book storyline from The Shadow #7-12.

Bonus material includes an extensive cover gallery featuring an all-star assembly of Eisner Award-winning artists such as Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, John Cassaday, and Darwyn Cooke, plus Tim Bradstreet, Michael Golden, Jack Herbert, and Sean Chen.