Outsiders, Volume 1: Looking for Trouble

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In the intense action-adventure OUTSIDERS: LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Green Arrow's former sidekick, Arsenal, creates a new superhero team as a proactive force against the villains of the world. Recruiting both battle-tested veterans and inexperienced rookies, the expert archer forms a volatile team of personalities and powers that includes Thunder, the density-controlling daughter of Black Lightning, Metamorpho, a shape-shifting elemental man, Grace, a super-strong female bouncer. Indigo, a futuristic cyborg girl, Jade, the powerful girlfriend of Green Lantern, and Nightwing, the former Robin the Boy Wonder.

But now, before the team can get acquainted, they must first defend Manhattan from a coordinated gorilla invasion and rescue President Lex Luthor from the clutches of the Joker.