Negative Exposure: Fear and Loathing in Kokonino World

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'Negative Exposure' graphic novel written by Thierry Smolderen and illustrated by Enrico Marini, and published by Humanoid. This manga-meets-Europe masterpiece featuring art by Enrico Marini (Raptors, Black Pearl) is completely redone in this volume collecting the four-issue mini-series, along with two bonus issues and a new coloring job! Follow the exploits of investigative reporter Oliver Varese, who has a knack for attracting both beautiful women and danger as he travels the globe on assignment. From Red Square to Hong Kong to Geneva, Oliver chases down the truth amid international intrigue ripped from today's headlines.

Investigative journalism is harder than it seems: beautiful women, fast cars, dangerous assignments...and other things Oliver Varese can't handle can all be found in Negative Exposure.