Mister Terrific, Volume 1: Mind Games

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When Michael Holt lost his wife, his entire world has turned upside down. Out of despair, this genius and Fortune 500 CEO used his wealth to become the technology-powered polymath hero Mister Terrific. But a mysterious, new villain has his slight set on Mister Terrific''s most valuable possession: his mind.

The evildoer who calls himself Brainstrom is causing the IQ levels of Los Angeles' innocent citizens to spike, bringing on wild fits of sociopathic mania; and even with his formidable intellect, Mister Terrific isn't immune. Also, a threat is steadily growing in the ninth dimension --- can Mister Terrific regain control of his mind in time to combat the coming of the terrifying alien Kryl?

As part of the smash hit "New 52" line, writer ERIC WALLACE (TITANS, FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK) is joined by artists GIANLUCA GUGLIOTTA (Secret Warriors), SCOTT CLARK (BRIGHTEST DAY) and OLIVER NOME (CATWOMAN, ROBIN) as they bring you MISTER TERRIFIC: MIND GAMES, the exhilarating tales of one of the world's most brilliant superheroes.

Collects MISTER TERRIFIC #1-8.