Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Young Allies, Volume 2 (Hard Cover)

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In 1942 if you were a red-blooded American boy there was one adventure that you'd love to have, and the Young Allies - comics' first team of kid adventurers - would take you there, just as they took it straight to the Axis powers! Bucky, Toro, and their gang both protect America on the home front and take it right to the front lines in giant 40-plus-page adventures that burst off the page with action and excitement. Travelling around the country and around the globe, the Young Allies fight menaces like Hitler's Hollywood infiltrator the Owl, the South American Ambassador of Terror, the North African Nazi Wehrmact, and the fiendish Whip. backed up by the time travelling Tommy Tyme, and humorous Norman the Doorman, the Golden Age classics in this volume are collected here for the first in 70 years, so why wait a moment longer? Reserve your copy today, True Believer!

COLLECTING: Young Allies 5-8