Majestic, Volume 2: Meanwhile, Back on Earth...

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Born the Kherubim warrior race and arriving on Earth centuries ago, Mr. Majestic is one of the most powerful beings in the WildStorm universe. But when a traumatic event forced the super-strong hero into a self-imposed exile, the world lost one of its greatest champions.

Now, years later, Mr. Majestic returns from his retirement and isolation to once again protect the cosmos. In this volume, Majestic and his allies set out to discover the secrets of the Kherubim technology lacing the Earth's crust that could cause the termination of the human race. But someone isn't happy about this and has targeted Majestic's team for execution

Collecting action-packed issues #8-12 of the acclaimed series! Sinister forces are trying to take over the most devastating piece of technology yet: a planet-shaper that could transform Earth from the inside out!