MAD About Oscars

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"And the winner is Alfred E. Neuman?!"

It doesn't take a genius to sit back and pick the year's "best" movies (take that, Academy Awards)! However, it takes real talent (and incredible bitterness) to point out why those "masterpieces" suck! And for that reason, this book deserves a little golden trophy of its own!

This is a star-studded collection of MAD Magazine's best and worst movie satires: 19 Oscar-winners and over 30 Oscar nominees as presented by "The Usual Gang of Idiots," including artists Mort Drucker, Angelo Torres, Jack Davis, Harry North, Sam Viviano, Tom Richmond, and Hermann Mejia, and writers Larry Siegel, Stan Hart, Arnie Kogen, Dick DeBartolo, Frank Jacobs, and Desmond Devlin.

Featuring all your favorite MAD movie parodies from Casabonkers to Bored of the Rings, plus Rockhead, The Violence of the Hams, A Booty-Full Mind, and many more!