Invincible, Volume 03: Perfect Strangers

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Omni-Man struggles to find the right time to tell his son the truth about his home planet Viltrum and the reason that he is here on Earth. Invincible attends the new Guardians Of The Globe tryouts but doesn't participate.

The Immortal has been resurrected and seeks vengeance on Omni-Man. Invincible arrives on the scene just as Omni-Man kills The Immortal. Omni-Man begins to tell Invincible the truth after which Invincible refuses to join him and the two begin to fight only to result in Invincible being severely beating and hospitalized.

Omni-Man flees the planet and after Invincible has had time to heal, he accepts Cecil Stedman's offer to be this planets hero.

Collect Invincible #9-13.

Introduction by Tom Brevoort.