Heroic Age

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Witness the Marvel Universe triumph over its greatest challenges ever as the Heroic Age ignites! Still lurking in the shadows are forces of evil and cosmic-level threats-but a new spirit of hope, courage and the selfl essness at theheart of heroism will rise up. The most extraordinary taleswill be told in the Heroic Age of the Marvel Universe. From the tone of the storylines, to the stunning art, the Heroic Ageushers in a dramatic new vision of the Marvel Universe.

Featuring Marvel's most elite characters-including Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor, the Avengers and more-as they embark on bold new adventures, this volume is the perfect jumping-on point for the Heroic Age.

COLLECTING: Enter the Heroic Age, Origins of Marvel Comics, Avengers Assemble, Avengers #1, Secret Avengers #1, Age of Heroes #1, Avengers Academy #1, New Avengers #1, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1, Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1, Atlas #1