Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Volume 1: Derailed: Derailed

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Hold onto your webs, spider-fan A major character from Peter Parker's past returns Meanwhile, is that the Hobgoblin terrorizing the skies? And if so, how is he connected to the shocking changes in Spider-Man's life? Continuity fans better break out their back issues, because both Spidey's past and future will change when an old (and unexpected) foe executes his master plan.

Plus: Presenting "Weblog," an off-beat Spidey tale that starts at the very beginnings of Spider-Man's career and goes all the way through to the distant future... as seen through the eyes of a woman who is convinced that the web-slinger has been stalking her her entire life. And finally, think Spider-Man doesn't have to worry about death anymore, having escaped its grasp in "The Other?" Think again, as - years after his origin - Spider-Man finds himself back in the ring, squaring off against a masked wrestler whose name literally means "Death..". and for good reason.

Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5-10.