Fantastic Four #55 (VG-)

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Fantastic Four #55 (Very Good-)

While Reed and Sue make good on their honeymoon, Johnny and Wyatt Wingfoot have a strange encounter with the Silver Surfer! What has brought Galactus’ herald to the heights of the Himalayans? Plus, the Thing becomes jealous of Silver Surfer, when he suspects the cosmic being has been making moves on Alicia!

At the start of this issue, the Fantastic Four (minus Johnny) are returning home after having been in Africa the past few issues. The Thing tries calling Alicia Masters, but gets no reply, and so decides to take the Fantastic Four's jet-cycle out to her place. At the same time, over in some mountains, the Silver Surfer decides that he's discovered all there is about Earth, and so also heads to Alicia's house. As he is talking to Alicia, the Thing also arrives, and assumes that the Silver Surfer is hitting on Alicia. In his anger, he punches the confused Surfer through one side of the house.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Wyatt Wingfoot are still heading for the Inhumans' city, hoping to find some way of breaking them out of their Negative Zone barrier. They find some native fleeing, claiming some sort of monster lives in the valley they're currently in. As night falls, a strangely shaped beast appears...

Back in New York, the Thing and Silver Surfer are still fighting, with the Silver Surfer still not quite understanding what they're fighting over. The Surfer tries several tactics such as increasing his physical strength and turning himself into pure energy, but the Thing still keeps fighting.

Johnny and Wyatt, meanwhile, confront the strange "monster" and find it to be none other than Lockjaw, the Inhumans' teleporting dog. Johnny realises that Lockjaw must have teleported out of the Negative Zone barrier, and so works out that they can get him to teleport them back in.

The Thing and the Silver Surfer are still brawling, before Reed and Sue come and tell Ben to stop. They explain that Alicia has been worrying over him, not the Silver Surfer, and that the fight is pointless. The Thing apologises, and the Surfer repairs everything broken in the fight. He then decides that he can learn more about humans, and leaves, but not before giving Ben some flowers to give to Alicia.