Essential X-Men, Volume 6 (Marvel Essentials)

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The Uncanny X-Men adventures with the Marvel Mutant Massacre begins with the trial of Magneto! Rachel Summers becomes Phoenix and the Brotherhood becomes Freedom Force! Lady Deathstrike becomes a cyborg, Moonstar a Valkyrie, Colossus a killer, and Psylocke an X-Man! And Sabretooth first set his clawed foot into the X-Universe alongside his fellow Marauders! Guest-starring the original X-Factor, Power Pack and Thor! Gods, Morlocks, talking frogs and more!

This book reprints the following issues: Power Pack #27, The New Mutants #46, The New Mutants Special Edition #1, The Uncanny X-Men Annual 09, The Uncanny X-Men # 199-213, Thor # 373-374, X-Factor # 9-11, 656 pages.