Colere Noire

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One sunny afternoon Marielle Meyer arrives at the local supermarket, with her teenage son, Oliver. Living Oliver in the parking lot so he can ride his skateboard. Marielle enters the store. Inside, Marielle begins a conversation with a pregnant woman and her husband.

Then the unspeakable happens, a group of masked gunman burst into the store seemingly as part of a robbery. The men are cold blooded beyond belief and, not satisfied with what they have stolen, begin to murder innocents where they stand. Marielle's son is the last victim killed in the parking lot during the robbers getaway. Her psyche fractured from grief, Marielle begins to spend time with stella, the pregnant woman from the store who lost her husband and her unborn son in the incident.

As the two victims find support in their shared experiences, a new quest is set in front of them: revenge against those who have taken their loved ones from them what follows is a tale of murder, grief, and violence as the two women try to extract their brutal revenge.