Blade II

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The vampire killer's second movie hit in March of 2002 - and here's trade paperback for all his fans! Back in print at last - the stories that inspired the first hit movie! Blade has long thirsted for revenge against Deacon Frost, the vampire lord who killed his mother. But Frost has created an evil duplicate Blade, and if the real DayWalker can survive his deadly double, he'll still have to face Dracula himself! The classic chill-fest from Tomb of Dracula is by the horror team-supreme of writer Marv Wolfman, art Gene Colan and Tom Palmer!

Collects Blade 2 (2002 Movie) and Tomb of Dracula (1972-79 1st Series) #45-53 and #58. Written by Steve Gerber. Adapted from the script by David Goyer. Art by Alberto Ponticelli.