Bilal Library: Memories

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Memories collects Enki Bilal's two graphic novels, Memories of Outer Space and Memories of Other Times, into one deluxe trade paperback. These science fiction stories showcase his early career (from 1972 to 1981) as his style and voice evolved and he went from fledgling artist to international superstar.

Collaborating with a number of writers, including Jean-Pierre Dionnet (Exterminator 17, Métal Hurlant), Bilal writes and illustrates a series of short stories that depicts surreal and fantasic worlds with a sci-fi twist.

Fan's of Bilal's work on The Nikopol Trilogy, Townscapes, The Beast Trilogy and his other Humanoids/DC Comics trade paperbacks will enjoy this very diverse and insightful gathering of Bilal's earlier works.