Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven

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Deep beneath the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa, life teems in the depths of dark oceans fed by belching, chemical-rich volcanic vents. But more spectacular discoveries of life elsewhere in the cosmos have left Europa little more than another commercial stopover with an orbital station and a decaying space elevator ferrying cargo and personnel to and from the moon.

But when one of the massive elevators stops midway with no communication from the crew aboard, a rescue team soon discovers that the stranded elevator is transporting a deadly cargo from another world - a savage organism that threatens life on Europa and, ultimately, life on planet Earth!

From superstar creator Liam Sharp comes Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven, an all-new, deluxe-format hardcover graphic novella. Sharp's stunning visuals are well known to comics readers from his work on Judge Dredd, The Incredible Hulk, Testament, Gears of War, and many others, and now, having expanded into prose fiction with God Killers: Machivarius Point and Other Tales, Sharp is solidifying his reputation as one of graphic fiction's emerging visionaries.