Superstar: As Seen on TV (Hard Cover)

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Meet Superstar, a hero for the media age: the more popular he is, the more powerful he is. With the public behind him, he can work miracles — without them, he's nothing! Superstar's made a deal with his father, an international media tycoon, to promote him and keep him powerful enough to save the world. But now he walks a fine line between staying famous enough to do the most good, and becoming just another "property" in his father's portfolio.

This volume contains the complete saga of Superstar: The debut graphic album tale in which Superstar deals with a global threat from his deadliest enemy, the techno-genius Robo Sapiens, while coping with media intrusion, personal betrayal, and his father's merchandising plans, plus a Superstar short story centering on his relationship with his brother (plus the menace of Spacebaby!), and behind-the-scenes text and art detailing the development of the character with never-before seen art, including character designs from Paul Ryan and Alan Davis.

All the action, suspense, and characterization you expect from Kurt (Avengers) Busiek and Stuart (Superman) Immonen plus, an incisive look at superheroes and celebrity in a world where fame literally is power.