Cruise of Lost Souls (Hard Cover)

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'The Cruise of Lost Souls' Graphic Novel written by Pierre Christin, illustrated by Enki Bilal and published by Humanoid. Pierre Christin joins artist Enki Bilal to tell a tale of The Cruise Of Lost Souls, another amazing chapter in the library of Nikopol Trilogy creator Enki Bilal and his Hunting Party partner, Pierre Christin.

In a tale that deals with the battle between nature and the destructive practices of industry, we find the farming town of Liternos caught in the middle.

After a military device is mysteriously hidden in the town, Liternos is literally lifted from the ground and sent on an incredible journey across the countryside. As the floating town nears the ocean, it raises the spirits of other villagers and peaks the interest of an army that are having strange problems of their own.