Silver Surfer #44

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Silver Surfer #44

Drax the Destroyer and the Silver Surfer partner up to defeat Thanos -- for real this time.

On Titan, Surfer, Mentor and Starfox examine the corpse of Thanos. Drax still believes Thanos to be alive. They determine that this corpse has been augmented for strength, something Thanos would not need. They all agree that Thanos is still alive. Unfortunately they need to wait for him to make his next move to find him.

Meanwhile, Thanos has acquired all the Infinity Gems and placed them on the gauntlet. He summons a vortex, pulling the Surfer and Drax through to deal with them personally. He shows the Surfer the true power he has now and that all reality is at his command. He is now above a god. The Surfer realizes the gravity of this situation and he and Drax attack, only to have their souls removed and their bodies left motionless.

But Thanos is being watched by another who wishes for such power - Mephisto.