All Star Comics Presents Super Squad #58 (VG-)

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All Star Comics Presents Super Squad #58 (Very Good-)

In a single issue, writer/ editor Gerry Conway launched new adventures for the Justice Society of America, added a younger element to the team, and revived a series that had not been published in more than a quarter of a century. Along with artist Ric Estrada, Conway also introduced the DC Universe to the cousin of Earth-2's Superman; Kara Zor-L, a.k.a. Power Girl.

When a series of unlikely geological catastrophes threatened to destroy the world, the seasoned JSA super team split up to contain the disasters. Along the way, the JSA was surprised to find help in the form of three young super heroes, Robin, the Star Spangled Kid (now wielding Starman's Cosmic Rod) and Power Girl in her debut role. Combining their forces, the heroes located and defeated the source behind the global catastrophes; longtime nemesis Brain Wave, who'd been given a new, more powerful body by another JSA adversary, Per Degaton. Deciding to remain with the Justice Society, the younger heroes became the team's new auxiliary detachment, the Super Squad.

Note: As part of the DC Explosion, DC relaunched All-Star Comics with this issue.