Wild Wolverine Mystery Box

  • $100.00

Torpedo Comics presents the Wild Wolverine Mystery Box! 

Priced at $100 only 75 of these boxes will be made! Each box will include TEN (10) Comics (Modern, Bronze, Silver, and Variants, with a retail of $150 or more.)

*Contents of mystery boxes will vary. No specific comics, titles, etc. are guaranteed.*


  • Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 1.8 (Retail: $3,000.00) 1st Appearance of Wolverine!

Boxes will ship out within ONE week after they are sold out.

Winner is required to submit a picture of themselves and the Polaroid for testimonials. If for any reason the winner is not comfortable being photographed, they have the option to submit a photo with a pet, friend, child, or a statue. We understand and respect the privacy of our winners and will accommodate to the best of our ability.