Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

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Torpedo Crew Kannon, Lo, Lauren, Ryan and Alexis at Lake Mead


Giving Back To Our Community! 

At Torpedo Comics, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to our local community.  In honor of Earth Day, we sent some of our Torpedo HQ crew (Lauren, Lo, Ryan, Kannon and Alexis) to Lake Mead to assist in the clean up of improperly discarded trash. As we were told by the volunteer rangers, trash left over by visitors has become an increasing problem for Lake Mead staff.

With over 1.5 million acres of back country to cover, it's an insurmountable task to clean the lake for the small crew of rangers who are already inundated with tasks like removing invasive species or monitoring visitors. So given the opportunity, we signed up in a heartbeat to help!

Our team was placed on a small pontoon boat, and ferried to various coves and beaches that "hidden" high traffic areas. We were told these areas were a little off the beaten path, but were hot spots for afternoon picnics and post-fishing trip parties. Within minutes of leaving the pontoon boat, we were met with mountains of trash pushed under outcroppings, hidden inside bushes or just boldly left piled ankle high in the open. After about 2 hours, we were able to fill 15 large trash bags and four residential garbage cans. It was a moment of mixed emotions. On the one hand, we had worked towards making the lake a better place, but on the other we hadn't even seen a fraction of the problem.
The Torpedo HQ crew is extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to help our local environment, and are chomping at the bit for a repeat trip! 

The rangers are in desperate need of volunteers, and if you have the interest we encourage you to click here to learn more. Please remember to respect your surroundings when visiting our national parks, and outdoor areas. If you pack it in, you better pack it out!



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